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Condensing technology

Energy saving solutions

Solar system management

Available in more colors

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Economical heating solutions

For block buildings

and for Induistrial plants

Build cascade system easily

Available maximum power is 1.440 kW

Easy to use


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114 kW

240 kW

180 kW

300 kW

360 kW

480 kW

SLG Falcon

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By using the hidden heat in the flue gases, the condensing technology helps you to save energy…

SLG Jumbo

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Nagyteljesítményű kondenzációs gázkészülék. Kaszkád rendszerben az elérhető maximális teljesítmény…


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The compactness of the L.H.E.M.M. system and the wide power range from 114 to 480 kW, together…

Symona Turbo

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Adaptability without wastes, everything is guaranteed by the different power models of the range…

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